Sarah Kennedy: Personalized Home Practice Development

Dedication must be practiced for results to be achieved. We will work with you to develop a sustainable home program that supports you now and as you continue down the path of Yoga practice and lifestyle. We will use the many tools that Yoga offers to find what works for you. These may include:

Physical practice (Yoga asana, AdatpAble Yoga, Moving meditations, breathing, and posture)




Awareness practices

Journaling questions



3 - ½ hr online sessions $87 (to get started)

Individual sessions $35



We work together to develop a life practice that suits you, where you are, and what you need. We will uncover your gifts, discover your heart song and create your best life experience. Practices may include -


Managing Your Power

Archetypal Awareness and Study

Meditation Practices

Physical Practices - (asana, walking meditations, dancing, tai chi)

Sound Healing

Self Study


Anyone who is longing for something more, wondering how to reclaim the energy that is lost. We learn to embrace all we are, our messiness, our beauty, our perfectly imperfect selves. We will explore our relationships with all other expressions of life that we encounter. We will evaluate where we are investing our energy and whether or not that is working for us in our lives. We will learn to look at and love our body as our best friend. We will uncover the gifts we have to share with this world and everyone in it and begin to see how perfectly who we are supports the giving of these gifts.


6 online sessions $366/Individual sessions $75




 Life Coaching

We spend seven months together. We talk once a week. We dive deep to integrate and understand the Manage Your Power Teachings and how they apply to your life. We will take a hold of the reigns and, together, redirect your precious life force back to healing, creating and dream come true making. We will uncover your Gifts. We will take a look at your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychic and Spiritual beings and realign them with The Divine Wisdom shared through our work together.

7 months,  personalized home asana practice, redefine stress, become in relationship with emotions, strengthen our intuition and psychological power, and invite and explore a connection with the Divine. 

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