Together we create a community of connected hearts and lives; connected through the traumas of life that show up in various ways offering support and the sharing of wisdom, for the empowerment of each and every one.


Through sharing wisdom we find strength ( Discovery),

through wisdom in action we create change (Dedication),

through surrender to the Divine we find direction (Devotion).

Courage through connection.

Wisdom in Action.

AdaptAble Yoga Cocreator

 E-RYT 500  Certified Teacher with Yoga Alliance

Co-Creator of Manage Your Power

Sarah teaches to anybody that shows up. Her thousands of hours of certified training and experience teaching in a few different methodologies allows her the versatility of offering adaptations and modifications for all. She has studied with Nancy Glenmore, Durga Leela, David Frawley, Barbara Benagh, Gary Kraftsow, Dr. Eden Goldman and others. She is an E-500 RYT with Yoga Alliance. In 2013 She wrote a 200 hr Yoga Alliance credentialed Teacher Training and partners with facilities to teach it. In 2015 she developed Manage Your Power, a course (taught online and in workshops and trainings) designed to reclaim the precious life force energy we have lost through bringing awareness to how we disempower ourselves on all levels. In 2017 she co-created AdaptAble Yoga with Rachel Jarmusz, 200 RYT, stroke survivor, to truly make yoga asana AdaptAble for any body that shows up. She had facilitated workshops up and down the East Coast and co teaches an online course with participants across the country. She travels to studios to share and empower others to manage their power on the Pathway towards P.E.A.C.E.


RYT 200

Adaptable Yoga Teacher

Rachel George is a 200 YA certified instructor with Amor and Gratia. Rachel fell in love with yoga as a young adult and has been an avid mentee of Sarah Kennedy’s for five years. Her teaching style can be categorized as vinyasa flow that’s focus on linking mindful movements with breath.

Yoga’s physical benefits were enough to intrigue her, but she really fell in love once she began to dig deeper into her practice.The unification of the mind body and spirit is where her passion for yoga began, she believes the unification of these three things played a huge role in her growth from a girl to young woman, and the values she took away from her practice helped her navigate through the highs and lows of transitioning to adulthood. Therefore, she targets the demographic of younger students, ranging from children to young adults. She is a strong believer that yoga provides tools to make the hardships of life easier and provides the basis of self-love in such an impressionable life stage. When we allow ourselves to be kind to our bodies, it's easier to be kinder to the world.


Ever an apprentice to yoga and to life. Surrender to serving and supporting others through sharing the wisdom, dedication, and gifts yoga uncovers.

Sharing the gift of self-esteem and self-love. Mirroring self-acceptance for our human messiness and seeing it as a beautiful expression of life energy.

Discover your Gifts.

See your Beauty

Embrace your whole self

Give love and be grateful for all that you are and exactly how you showed up in this life. You are a unique expression of the divine life force.

These are the things I long to share. My heart wants to hear other’s heart songs and reflecting other’s beauty to them. Let’s uncover your path to loving and being thankful for everything and all we are.

"After being introduced to yoga over eight years ago, I found myself yearning to maturing beyond my physical asana practice.  Sarah Kennedy Yoga provided me with an in-depth knowledge of yoga philosophy, history, anatomy, asana, breath work, meditation and much more, in order to become a confident yoga teacher.  This training yielded a solid foundation to share my yoga practice and instruction with others. Sarah Kennedy Yoga's 200HR RYT training was transformational beyond my expectations; mind, body, and spirit."

Sarah Kirby Rae, RYT Recipient ​


This course has reminded me to rediscover my inner light, self-confidence, power, and love for myself and my physical body. Taking time for myself, rediscovering myself, and redefining my physical body allow my spirit to shine and in turn make me a better wife, mother, and friend. I’m excited to be able to share these truths with others.  - Stacy H.

Perfect timing for 200hr RYT. It changed my life! I highly recommend Amor & Gratia and Sarah J Kennedy.  - Anita Falcone

I started as a beginner in Sarah's class because I had read that yoga was good cross training for running. Her class has been all that and more. Sarah's mindful coaching during practice; her positive energy, passion and knowledge of yoga has been an inspiration and a valuable resource for learning about life with yoga.
Thank you Sarah
Brian Osmundson


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